Sunday, July 27, 2014

Post #50, 7/27/14 Beginning the Body Work, Finally!!!

65 Mustang Restoration

Finally, after two agonizing years of waiting due to"Life" constantly getting in the way,,, we cleaned the car off & prepared it for the big move to my co-worker's garage so the bodywork can get under way.

Though a bit of bodywork has been done on the roof,, there is much to be done. New metal is very nice to work with, and you would assume that it would all be relatively straight,, but unfortunately that is not the case. With all of the welding & fitting that takes place while making everything fit properly,,, there are many little waves & ripples that appear & need to be fixed by someone with several years of experience working on just that sort of a thing. So we loaded up all of the paint supplies we had so my buddy "Waldo" can get started in his spare time.

Though the jig I built works very nice around the shop, it's just a bit wimpy when it's time for traveling,, but we made it work.

 (My son & biggest helper, Brent)

After several years of back & forth on which way we were going to go on the paint,,, we finally decided on the 2011 Ford deep-blue called "KONA",,, which, from what I'm told, was only used on special models of Mustangs,,, like on the one below.

Well, here it is, all comfy over in Glenn Symonds garage (that's Glenn).

The goal this year is to get it in primer & jammed (color in all of the jams). That way everything has plenty of time to settle (shrink). If all goes well, I'm hoping to have more things to do and talk about this year,, hopefully. 

Cya soon,,,,